About us

Tradition and modernity, preserving the tried and tested and being open to the new – Esda fills these concepts with life every day.

We are a company that has carried the founding spirit within us for decades. Through our company history, we know what adaptability means. From this we draw our strength to be continuously successful in the market as a medium-sized company for 135 years.


The origins of ESDA Strumpfwerke GmbH go back to 1886, when Robert Götze and his wife founded the ROGO Strumpfwerke (Robert Götze Oberlungwitz).

From 1945 to 1989 ESDA rose to become a supplier of all kinds of hosiery for the entire Eastern European economic area.

After reunification in 1989 ESDA was reprivatised and repositioned for the future. Since 2006 the company has been part of the Daun Group. As a specialist for private label production in the fine and knitted hosiery segment ESDA produces more than 60 million hosiery articles.